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1.5hrs Reiki - Returning Client

Front and Back Chakras

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 90 Australian dollars
  • Bray Avenue

Service Description

Session - 1hr 15min Feedback incl Oracle cards - 15min Thank you for returning for another Reiki Session. This session we will attempt to get through the front and back chakras. What to Expect Energy healing is important and ongoing, which is why unblocking and balancing our chakras when life happens, is spiritual hygiene. It's important to know where in our body we are holding or storing our emotions. What many people don't realise is that our chakras radiate and receive energy constantly. If you hold negative thoughts and if you are sensitive to people and places, you absorb the energy from them and around you. Eventually your Chakras and Auric field become dirty/blocked from all the energy debris you come into contact with as well as your own thoughts and fears. That's when we start to feel not ourselves, unwell and disconnected. A healthy aura is the shape of an egg and extends outside the body with beautiful radiant colour/s. The colour or colours of the Auric field change depending on the emotional state of the person each hour/day/week. If there is stuck trauma, this can sit in the auric field as a dark or dirty clouded colour or we have rips and tears or the auric field becomes a different shape such as jagged edges.

Contact Details

  • Bray Ave, Semaphore Park SA, Australia


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