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About Me

Hi, my name is Michelle, I am 46, I am a Reiki Therapist (Reiki I, II & Master), Intuitive/Medium, Spiritual Life Coach, mother and wife.  I was born in New Zealand and have spent over 20 years living and working in Australia. 

My maori grandmother was a 'Tohunga' and came from a long line of ancestors that were Tohunga, which is also known as medicine men or woman.  My grandmother was a healer and used her abilities within the church she attended.  Sadly, we did not live close to my grandparents and so I didn't understand our ancestral abilities until her passing and when mine were opening up again. 

I believe everyone is born intuitive.  I also believe with the right mentor, we can all tap into this universal/godly energy to become healers, mediums, psychics or creators. Just imagine a world full of healers, how amazing.  

Whilst I have been practising my Intuitive and Mediumship readings for some time, I wanted to give my clients more.  Everyone wants to find happiness, health and healing from a troubled past or just in general and I saw Reiki to be a wonderful treatment to assist with this.  


Since having Reiki regularly for myself, I have gained more confidence, energy, inner peace and happiness through releasing unnecessary thought patterns and anxiety.  I now have self-acceptance, value and more happiness in my life. 


I welcome the opportunity to introduce you to Reiki and share my experiences further with you.


If you are open and willing, then Reiki maybe the next step in which you need to take for a better you.

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