A little bit of history about me......So I have always been intuitive and had mediumship abilities.  I could also see people's energy field and thought this was normal, until I said something to someone and they didn't know what I was talking about.  I intuitively picked up on people or had information dropped on me so to speak and was saved numerous times by what I call angelic or a higher intervention.  The Mediumship side started strongly in my early teens and I experienced what I call 'hauntings' but it only affected me. 

The reason I began this journey after years of blocking my mediumship abilities due to fear, was because of the birth of my second child.  My son showed signs early on that something was happening that he was seeing and experiencing.  I could sense things around but I kept shrugging it off due to my own fear.  When he could talk and be coherent in his conversation, he would often see orbs or balls as he described them, he also recalled past lives, was telepathic and psychic to go with it.  Due to his memories of his previous family, he would often exclude himself from our family, he would pack up his belongings in his little backpack and wait at the front door for his past life parents to come and get him.  To watch the child you gave birth to, distraught and unable to shake his despair was heart wretching.  There were many sleepless days and nights, as he was unable to get rest with all the activity in the home. Unfortunately Australia does not recognise people with spiritual abilities and only offer medication or psychiatric help.  When I decided to open up on his behalf, the majority of what he had been experiencing slowed down and a portion of it stopped (spirits).  The very first night after accepting what I thought was going to now be my burden to carry all over again, I had an interesting spirit encounter which made me realise that even the dead ask for help.

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What is involved


Be excited at the prospect of connecting but most importantly OPEN to other loved ones making an appearance first.


Please connect to your loved one beforehand, letting them know you are making the journey to see me (technically they already know) but it doesn't hurt to speak to them and make conversation.  Some people feel a little silly doing this but I find people come in more relaxed when they have spent daily, weekly or monthly chats with their passed loved ones.

You can bring items such as a photo or item of clothing of your loved one if you wish to do so but it isn't necessary. 


I ask that you come with no preconceived ideas or expectations.  I ask that you let go of doubt and the need to know and validate every single thing that comes in at that very moment, as sometimes validation can come from other family members.  I find when doubt sneaks in, the vibration shifts like an elephant in the room and the mood changes.  Just put it in the, 'I'll think about it later" basket and keep that happy smile beaming.

Food for thought

As I mentioned above, be open to having other loved ones in spirit come in first, it doesn't happen all the time but it can.  Just remember the loved one you really want to speak to has allowed this to happen and so I will kindly ask that they do not take up too much precious time. Please don't allow disappointment to set in as you will miss valuable or validating information coming in.  Be flexible with your overall expectation not just with spirit but with intuitive messages as well.